Nearly every new client at CPE starts with an initial or "intake" appointment. In the case of minors under the age of 14, these sessions typically involve parents only. In the case of older teens, our initial interviews usually involve all concerned family members. In either case, a detailed interview is conducted, often focusing on academic and developmental histories. In addition to collecting historical information, we encourage review of school records, EOGs and other standardized test results, prior evaluations, and any other pertinent documentation.

At the end of the initial appointment, a plan is made as to whether formal assessment needs to occur, and if so, how much and what type. There are some instances when there is reason to proceed directly to an intervention, particularly in cases of emotional or behavioral difficulties. Regardless of the next step, much stock is placed in this initial interview to make certain that the most appropriate and individualized plan is formulated and agreed upon by all parties.

Below is a listing of the different types of assessment procedures and intervention types that ensue following the intake meeting.

Evaluation and Assessment Activities

  • School visits
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Educational achievement
  • Psychoeducational (cognitive and achievement)
  • Neuropsychological (e.g. head injury evaluations)
  • Emotional/behavioral/personality functioning
  • Functional behavioral analysis
  • Psychiatric status
  • Career/interest assessment

Educational Interventions

  • Classroom observations and teacher meetings
  • Teacher/school consultation
  • IEP/504 meeting attendance and advocacy
  • Organizational coaching
  • Educational planning, preschool through college and graduate school
  • Specialty referral assistance to families with special needs children

Counseling Services

  • Parent consultation
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Co-parenting for divorced couples
  • Mediation services

In addition to the clinical services offered on site, the staff at CPE enjoys consulting with various groups and organizations. Furthermore, the staff is committed to providing continuing education and to conducting research, some of which is on site, and some of which is done in conjunction with projects outside the Center.

Consultation Services to:

  • Out-of-area families for multi-disciplinary evaluations (over several days)
  • Lawyers whose clients require assessment services
  • Mental health and developmental disabilities agencies
  • Schools, day care centers, and community programs for children, young adults, and families
  • Colleges and universities concerning student disabilities and support services
  • Private testing agencies regarding disability policies and implementation
  • Business and corporate groups pertaining to the provision of psychoeducational services to employee families
  • Private schools and programs serving children and adults with disabilities
  • Realtors or relocation services concerning the availability or location of special education services in public or private schools

Outreach Programs
The Center includes outreach programs that offer training, consultation, model program development, program evaluation and research services.

A number of Center staff are regular consultants to schools, agencies and organizations, and are engaged in other outreach activities.

The Center is currently conducting a feasibility study and developing a comprehensive plan for establishing a day school for children with severe communication and mobility problems and correlated health issues.

Professional Development and Training

  • Training for teachers, psychologists, counselors, and health professionals on assessment, treatment, and prevention programs
  • Parent education and training programs

Research and Program Evaluation

  • Research on clinical assessment techniques and intervention strategies
  • Review and evaluation of programs serving children with special educational needs