We are pleased to now be offering Cogmed Working Memory Training as a potential support tool for our clients.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is designed to expand working memory capacity, or one's capacity for holding onto and manipulating "bits" of presented information.

Working memory is a key area of functioning in many academic and broader everyday tasks. To give but a few examples, in the area of academic functioning, it is used in learning the alphabet, mental arithmetic, reading comprehension, writing essays, and independently keeping track of and organizing completion of homework assignments. More broadly, it is used in focusing on and remembering instructions, "keeping up" in conversations and when engaged in team sports, exhibiting safe driving behavior, getting to work on time, handling family conflicts effectively, and managing important financial transactions.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a scientifically proven program consisting of exercises - designed to challenge and expand different types of working memory - completed on a computer. The training is customized for individual client needs using a complex adjustment algorithm to keep the trainee working at the edge of his or her ability. Trainings are supervised by a formally trained professional.

Cogmed Working Memory Training has been proven effective for improving working memory and contributing to other gains in individuals faced with working memory difficulties in the following populations: those diagnosed with ADHD; those diagnosed with learning disabilities; individuals suffering from brain injury or stroke; and aging populations.

Additional information about Cogmed Working Memory Training can be found at:

Please direct specific questions about participating in Cogmed Working Memory Training under the supervision of one of our clinicians to:

Jake Godfrey, Ph.D., tel: 919.928.0144, ext. 302